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Spinomenal slots review

Spinomenal logo

Founded in 2014, Spinomenal has established itself as an innovative digital casino game developer focusing primarily on feature-rich online video slots for mobile devices. The company’s 550+ strong portfolio exhibits variety across themes, features and volatility to appeal to mid-level casino players. Having one of the largest libraries for today (they claim to roll out 1-3 new releases on a monthly basis), Spinomenal still strives for quality over quantity. The development team comprises industry veterans with experience across major gambling hubs. All Spinomenal games are built natively in HTML5 resulting in smooth cross-device gameplay without lags or crashes.

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Spinomenal: History and timeline

So, we’ve got a tale to tell about Spinomenal casino slots. It all started in Israel back in 2014, and since then, the journey’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride full of slots, spins, and wins. Here’s how the chapters unfold:

  1. The first page turned in 2014 when two visionaries founded Spinomenal. Straight off the bat, they were all about making waves in the iGaming industry.
  2. Fast-forward to 2019, and their team packed their bags for iGB Amsterdam. This was their big debut on the global stage—think of it as stepping into the spotlight at a huge talent show, but for game developers.
  3. In 2020, things got even more serious. Spinomenal landed a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority – that’s like getting a golden ticket in our world.
  4. Along this timeline, we’ve never stopped creating new games. From high-speed slots to captivating table games, each release seemed to up the ante.
  5. Go ahead and hit ‘refresh’ on your browser – whether it’s Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – because every year brings something fresh from our studios.
  6. Their games are everywhere, on mobile devices or desktops. Android devices? Check. Apple iOS? Absolutely.

Their path has seen them join hands with giants like EveryMatrix and bring free spins or wild symbols into every slot lover’s heart. Yes, you heard right – from progressive jackpots to interactive games filled with scatter symbols; they’ve been busy! And let’s not forget those no-deposit bonuses that have players coming back for more.

Through twists and turns – including adapting to new tech like tablet browsers and ensuring games play nice with third-party cookies – we’ve kept pushing forward. We’ve embraced social casino games, too – transforming smartphones into portals of endless fun. Looking back (and forward), it’s clear – our love for crafting engaging online slot games knows no bounds! 

Spinomenal licenses

We know how important it is for games to play fair and safe. That’s why we’re proud that Spinomenal has top licences. They’ve got the green light from big names like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Yes, you heard that right. These guys make sure everything runs smooth and on the up-and-up.

Spinomenal didn’t stop there, though. They spread their wings far by getting a Romanian iGaming licence and even making friends in Sweden with a B2B supplier nod. We’ve played their games knowing they’re watched over by some of the best in the biz — like having a safety net below us while we reach for those jackpot stars.

Spinomenal's recent releases

We’ve been keeping tabs on all the latest gems from Spinomenal. Their recent releases have truly made a splash in the online casino world, each bringing something unique to the table. Here’s a rundown of what’s currently hot and happening:

  1. Dreams of Cleopatra – This slot takes us underneath a stunning night sky filled with stars, right into ancient Egypt. A beautiful design meets exciting gameplay, making it hard to stop spinning those reels.
  2. Book of Demi Gods II – Sequels can be hit or miss, but this one’s definitely a hit! It mixes mythology with thrilling spins and big win potential.
  3. Codename: Jackpot – Imagine stepping into the shoes of a super spy; that’s exactly what you get here. This game is packed with action and sneaky bonuses.
  4. Nights of Fortune – This offers an enchanting Middle Eastern theme that captivates players from the first spin. Its vibrant colours and sounds transport you straight to an exotic adventure.
  5. Book of Rebirth – Unravel ancient mysteries as you spin through this Egyptian-themed slot. It feels like being on an archaeological dig but with instant rewards!
  6. Hunting Treasures – Dive deep underwater for this one! You’ll hunt for hidden treasures among eerie shipwrecks and mysterious sea creatures.
  7. Golden Dynasty – Experience the rich history and culture of Asia in this beautifully crafted game. Its symbols and music add layers to an already immersive experience.
  8. Chest of Fortunes – If good luck charms and talismans interest you, try your hand here! From lucky coins to majestic dragons, every spin brings excitement.
  9. Opera Dynasty – For those who love drama and high notes, Opera Dynasty combines grand opera themes with slot fun. The tunes are catchy, and so are the payouts.

Each title showcases Spinomenal’s knack for creating slots that not only look great but also offer up some serious fun – all available on mobile platforms too! Our personal playthroughs have shown time after time that they get what makes a slot entertaining: fast-paced action, fantastic themes, and the chance to win big anywhere we go.

Top features of Spinomenal games

Spinomenal games come packed with cool stuff that makes them stand out. They’re super fast, cover loads of fun themes, and work on any gadget you might have – even your phone. Plus, they’ve got social casino stuff for when you want to play with friends online. If this sounds good, keep an eye out for more about why these games are so popular!

High-speed action

We’ve noticed that players are always on the hunt for thrilling experiences, and guess what? Spinomenal slots pack a punch with their high-speed action. You won’t be tapping your foot waiting for those reels to stop spinning, oh no.

These games zip along faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit. It’s all thanks to how Spinomenal has made its name in the game aggregation platform world—by ensuring you can enjoy smooth gameplay even if your internet speed is more tortoise than hare.

Playing one of their latest releases, we couldn’t help but marvel at the seamless play—no lagging, just pure excitement. This is especially important since these slots are known for their high volatility.

There’s nothing quite like watching symbols fall into place at lightning speed when you know each spin could lead to an unpredictable yet potentially massive win.

Wide range of themes

Spinomenal games really hits the mark with themes. They’ve got everything from luck of the Irish to Valentine’s Day, and even the lucky maneki-neko cat. This means there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re into ancient adventures or festive fun, they’ve designed their games to keep you hooked.

They know we all like a bit of variety. That’s why they offer over 100 online slot games that change it up with different themes and styles. It keeps things fresh for us players, making sure we never get bored.

So, if one day you’re feeling like exploring Egyptian pyramids and the next you want to find the pot of gold at the end of an Irish rainbow, Spinomenal has got your back.

Social casino games

Social casino games are a big deal for us. They’re like the fun side of gambling without the risk. These games let you enjoy slots, poker, and more just for the joy of it. You don’t win real money, but hey, you also don’t lose any! It’s all about having a good time and practising your skills.

We’ve played these games ourselves and can say they’re a blast. You get to compete with friends or players worldwide, which adds an extra layer of excitement.

Spinomenal is on point here, offering top-notch social casino games that keep us coming back. The themes? Oh, they’ve got everything from ancient adventures to modern-day mysteries.

And the graphics? Absolutely stunning! Playing their games feels like stepping into another world—a world where responsible gambling rules the day and payout percentages don’t stress us out because we’re all just here to have fun.

Spinomenal's best slots

We’ve got some top picks from Spinomenal slots online that you’ll want to check out. These games are like a box of chocolates, with something for everyone. Whether you’re into ancient myths or cool adventures, there’s a title waiting for you. So, get ready to explore them and find your new favourite from the Spinomenal slots developer! 

Goddess of Lotus-logo

Goddess of Lotus

Goddess of Lotus pulls us into a world set in the Far East, where a mystical Lotus flower is guarded by a powerful goddess. This slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and offers 10 paylines to win from.

The stakes are flexible, ranging from $0.5 up to $500 for each spin, making it fit for both casual players and high rollers among us. What’s exciting is that you could win up to 1,000 times your bet.

We’ve played Goddess of Lotus ourselves and found it quite thrilling. With an impressive return to player rate of 96.31%, it kept us spinning the reels wanting more. Plus, there’s also a demo mode available – perfect for getting a feel of the game before putting down any real money.

Irish Treasures-logo

Irish Treasures

We’ve taken a spin on Irish Treasures, and let’s just say, it’s quite the catch. This slot game pulls you in with its 5 reels and 30 paylines, not to mention the wilds, scatters, and free spins that keep things exciting. With an RTP that swings between 88.46% and 95.92%, your chances feel fair enough. But there’s more – Spinomenal also offers another version called Irish Treasures – Wild Celtic Charms.

It ups the ante with 10-100 paylines and an RTP dancing from 88.94% to 96.04%. For those who prefer a different layout, Book of Irish Treasures sets itself apart with a 6×3 reel setup offering ten paylines.

Book of demi gods_logo

Book of Demi Gods II

So, let’s talk about Book of Demi Gods II. This game is a 5-reel slot machine that takes us on an epic journey to Olympus mount. With its mythological Greek theme, playing feels like stepping into a story where gods and heroes come alive.

The game has 10 paylines which means there are plenty of chances for wins. What’s even more exciting – the RTP rates vary from 88.94% to a high of 96.14%. It’s like they knew we wanted options! Spinomenal really upped their game with this one in their Demi Gods series expansion. They’ve made sure it hits all the right notes for slot enthusiasts like us: adventure, mythical lore, and the chance to win big. 

Book of Xmas-slot

Book of Xmas

So, we’ve got this slot game, Book of Xmas by Spinomenal. It’s like diving into a winter wonderland but in a slot machine format—imagine that! This one has 5 reels and 3 rows with 10 ways to win. Now, if you’re hoping for big wins or free spins, keep an eye out for the scatter/wild symbol; it’s your ticket to bonus rounds.

The thrill? Well, it spikes because Book of Xmas rolls on high volatility. Means it might not pay out as often but when it does, the payout could be huge! And about how much players are into this game… let’s say it’s more of a hidden gem since not many are searching for it online. The RTP is 96.14%, so your chances vary quite a bit each spin. It’s all about getting into that festive spirit any time of the year!

Wolf Fang-logo

Wolf Fang

We love how Spinomenal keeps things fresh with their Wolf Fang series. They’ve rolled out games like Wolf Fang – The Origins and Wolf Fang – Ancient Greece, giving us a taste of different worlds. These slot machines let us jump from ancient Greece to Asian culture without leaving your seat. And guess what? They all link up, kind of like those Marvel comics we can’t get enough of. Each game has its own set of rules, offering 5 or 30 paylines and various chances to win back your bets.

Playing Wolf Fang slots feels like we’re part of something bigger, especially with new titles popping up, such as Wolf Fang Underworld. We got hooked on the variety – one day wrestling with Greek myths and the next chasing fortunes in an Asian adventure.

Story of Medusa-slot

Story of Medusa

So, we’ve got this fantastic slot game called ‘Story of Medusa’ that pulls you straight into a Greek myth adventure. It’s set against a dark and mysterious dungeon scene. This isn’t just any ordinary slot machine; it boasts an RTP of 95.92%.

This beauty is built with 5 reels—you know, the spinning parts—and has room for bets on up to 30 different lines at once. And hey, don’t worry if you’re always on the move because Story of Medusa works like a charm on mobile devices too.


Alright, folks—here’s the thing about Spinomenal slots. These games? They’re quite the catch. With a mix of wild themes and speedy action, they’ve got something for everyone. Fancy ancient myths or looking for festive cheer? Spinomenal has got you covered on all fronts. And let’s not forget, playing these video slots is smooth sailing whether you’re on your phone or sitting at a computer. So, if fun and exciting casino games are what you’re after, Spinomenal sure knows how to deliver just that—with bells on!