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Safari Sam slot review

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Safari Sam

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Released on the 18th of March, 2014, Safari Sam is an online casino foray into an adventurous theme, punctuated by the vibrancy of life that thrives within the African savannah. This game, crafted by the artisans at Betsoft, presents itself not merely as a casino game of chance but as an expedition into a realm animated by the ethos of adventure and the allure of the animal kingdom. Safari Sam operates within the dominion of video slots, optimized for mobile and desktop interfaces, thereby transcending the traditional confines of digital gaming spaces.

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Key facts

Year of release:2014
Lines (adjustable?):30 (Yes)
Bet sizes:$0.01 - $60
Wild symbol:Yes
Scatter symbol:Yes
Free spins:Yes
Maximum win:$1,000
Progressive jackpot:No

The visual design of the Safari Sam slot is rendered in 3D, a hallmark of Betsoft’s approach to creating immersive worlds. This technique breathes life into Sam, our intrepid explorer, and the myriad of animals that accompany him on this digital safari. 

The backdrop is a vivid depiction of the African savannah, where the hues of the setting sun kiss the horizon, and the flora and fauna are rendered with meticulous attention to detail. 

Each reel and symbol is crafted to complement the theme, with icons representing funny animals, safari equipment, and the adventurers themselves, all contributing to a cohesive visual narrative.

Safari Sam slot screenshots

Symbols and payouts

The video slot features nine regular symbols, all revolving around the safari theme. The lowest pics represent different hunter’s stuff and award 5x to 25x for three, four or five of a kind. Mid-paying icons are African animals, paying out 10x to 100x for 3-5 of the same. Finally, there’s a African woman and Sam, awarding 50x to 500x.

Interestingly, all combinations suggest you get at least three identical pics – there are no exceptions where high pics would award for two of a kind. Actually, the payouts are not high, compared to many other online video slots by Betsoft. However, considering the medium variance of the game, you will see payouts pretty often. The provider claims the title has a 50.78% hit rate.    

Safari Sam slot bonus features

The bonus features of Safari Sam are ingeniously crafted to blend seamlessly with the game’s theme, offering a rich tapestry of interactive and rewarding experiences. From the excitement of the Random Wilds and Multiplier feature to the strategic depth introduced by the Stacked Collapsing Wins, and the immersive narrative of the Safari Sam Bonus Round, these features ensure that each spin can unfold a new chapter in this digital safari adventure.

Random Wilds and Multipliers feature

Wild symbol_Safari SamOne of the most thrilling aspects of Safari Sam is the Random Wilds and Multiplier feature. This addition can significantly amplify the potential winnings by introducing wild symbols with attached multipliers. When these wilds appear, they can replace other symbols to complete winning combinations, with the added boon of 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x multipliers. This feature is particularly exciting because it introduces an element of unpredictability and potential for substantial rewards. There are two limitations: the Wilds only appear on reels 2 and 4, and they cannot land during free spins.

Wild Animal free spins

Bonus feature_SafariSThe Wild Animal Free Spins is another hallmark feature, cleverly integrating the safari theme into the mechanics of the game. Triggered by landing a combinations of a gorilla, zebra, and monkey on the first payline consecutively, this feature allows players to select one of these animals to act as a wild symbol during the free spins. This chosen wild comes with a 2x multiplier. The number of FS you get is not specified in the paytable.

Stacked Collapsing Wins

The Stacked Collapsing Wins feature is a testament to Betsoft’s innovative approach to video slot design. If you manage to fill an entire reel with the same symbol, you receive a 3x payout for those symbols. After that, the three identical symbols merge into one and cascade down. Two new symbols will fall into the empty positions on that reel, potentially creating more winning combinations. The feature can activate only if you bet on all the 30 lines; anyway, we believe that you do because this is a good practice overall, irrespective of this bonus feature.

Double Up feature

Double Up_SafariSSafari Sam also offers a gambling option through its Double Up feature, allowing players to potentially double their winnings through a simple coin toss. After a winning spin, players can choose to gamble their winnings by guessing whether the coin will land on heads or tails. This feature introduces a risk-reward element, where players must weigh the potential for doubling their winnings against the possibility of losing their current spin’s earnings. This bonus works like in many other Betsoft casino slots – no nice surprises or innovations here.

Safari Sam bonus round

Safari Sam bonus roundThe pièce de résistance of the bonus features is undoubtedly the Safari Sam Bonus Round. Triggered by landing three or more scatters, this feature immerses players in a mini-game where they assist Sam in finding the best locations to observe animals. Players select locations on a map, each choice revealing cash prizes. You keep on picking animals until the word ‘Collect’ appears, at which point the bonus round ends.

Our Opinion

We cannot but get surprised every time we open a Betsoft slot, released ten years ago or so. Early video slots of this studio had a recognizable video and animation style, which is reflected perfectly in Safari Sam. Just look at Sam standing near the reels! When you get a win, he starts hopping, applauding and saluting you. As for the win sizes, they are below average, only 500x line bet ($1,000). However, the provider claims the max cash prize is $100,000 – we guess this can be achieved during free spins with added multipliers. Sure, the probabilities of this lucky outcome are almost zero. On the other hand, the video slot has an incredibly high RTP, making your bankroll last longer.