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Viking Age slot review

Embarking upon a review of the Viking Age slot by Betsoft, we are transported into the heart of Norse mythology and the era of the Vikings, a theme that has fascinated many and continues to inspire. This game, with its release in 2013, marries historical intrigue with the thrill of modern online slots, offering a visually stunning journey back in time. Betsoft, known for their prowess in creating engaging 3D slots, does not disappoint with Viking Age, presenting an online casino game that is not just a gambling experience but also a narrative adventure.

Key facts

Year of release:2013
Lines (adjustable?):30 (Yes)
Bet sizes:$0.01 - $22.5
Wild symbol:No
Scatter symbol:Yes
Free spins:Yes
Maximum win:$225
Progressive jackpot:No

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Viking Age: General design

Viking Age_reels

Viking Age is a testament to Betsoft’s dedication to immersive storytelling and graphical excellence. The slot operates on a 5-reel, 30-payline format, offering a structured yet dynamic playing field for enthusiasts of varying experiences. The game’s theme plunges players into the Viking era, adorned with symbols and characters that echo the might, mystery, and adventure of the time. The RTP, standing at approximately 94.2%, and the high volatility nature of the game, suggest a gameplay experience that is as unpredictable as the seas the Vikings navigated. The mechanics of Viking Age allow for bets across 30 paylines, with the coin value and bet per line adjustable.

Symbols and payouts

There are only 8 regular symbols in the slot, with no card icons. Generally, the payouts are pretty low, with 300x being the max possible prize for hitting five grey-haired Vikings along an active line. You will come across the following symbols in the video slot:

  • Grey-haired Viking: 25 – 300 coins for two to five of a kind
  • Red-bearded Viking: 20 – 250 coins for two to five of a kind
  • Viking’s ship: 15 – 200 coins
  • Axe: 8 – 150 coins
  • Dagger/gold coins: 4 – 125 coins
  • Red monument: 15 – 100 coins (here and below the payouts start for 3+ matching symbols)
  • Runic stone: 10 – 75 coins
  • Shield: 5 – 50 coins

Viking Age slot bonus features

Delving into the intricate tapestry of Viking Age’s bonus features, we uncover a realm where strategy, choice, and fortune interweave, presenting players with opportunities to augment their winnings through engaging and thematic mini-games. Each bonus feature is a narrative within itself, echoing the trials, skills, and fates of the Viking warriors and their world. Let’s navigate these thrilling features with the precision of a skilled navigator charting through the mystic northern seas.

Runestone Doors feature

Runestone Doors symbolThe Runestone Doors is an emblematic feature that captures the essence of Norse mysticism and the quest for knowledge and fortune. Triggered by landing three or more Viking helm scatter symbols, this feature invites players into a realm of runes and destiny. Players assist Amma, a central character, in choosing symbols engraved on mystic doors. Each selection has the potential to unveil instant prizes, access to a bonus round, or free spins, embodying the unpredictability and rewards of the Viking raids. The integration of choice in this feature adds a layer of engagement, as players’ decisions directly influence their path and potential rewards.

Arm Wrestling feature

Arm Wrestling symbolThe Arm Wrestling feature pays homage to the physical prowess and competitive spirit of the Vikings. Activated by aligning three or more arm wrestling symbols, this mini-game transports players to a contest of strength and luck between two burly Vikings. Note that the bonus symbols do not appear on reels 4 and 5. The player’s role is to choose the Viking they believe will win and then predict the outcome of a coin flip. This feature is not only a test of strength but also of fortune, as each correct guess brings the player’s chosen Viking closer to victory, along with increasing the player’s winnings. Even in defeat, the video slot game is designed to ensure that players receive a consolation prize, reflecting the Viking ethos that valor lies not in victory alone but also in the courage to engage in battle.

Free spins and multipliers

Viking woman symbolThe allure of Viking Age is further enriched by the inclusion of non-retriggerable free spins, a coveted feature in the realm of video slots. These spins are woven into the fabric of the game’s narrative and mechanics, awarded through the game’s bonus features and contributing to the game’s dynamism and appeal. The free spins are not merely additional plays; they come with the potential for multipliers, amplifying the winnings and adding a layer of excitement to each spin. The online casino slot’s paytable does not specify the number of free spins awarded here.

Our Opinion

This is a low-roller video slot. Since the highest win is merely 10x total bet, many players will not like this. On the other hand, the game seems to have low volatility, contrary to the provider’s statement of its having medium variance. Free spins are triggered pretty often – we had them about every 40 spins. The lack of a wild symbol is another drawback of the game. However, for a 10-year-old release, this is a superb title that looks decent even these days.