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Lost Slot review

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Are you fed up with the same old slot machines? Do you yearn for a bit of adventure and hidden treasures in ancient lands? You’re certainly not on your own. We’ve all experienced that dull moment, scrolling through endless repetitive games, searching for something to pique our interest. Luckily, we’ve unearthed a true gem – the Lost Slot by Betsoft.

This game whisks us away on an enthralling journey alongside Dr. Dakota Bones as we search for forgotten Egyptian pyramids and unimaginable riches. It’s far from your typical fruit machine; it’s an adventure filled with bonus rounds, wild symbols, and the promise of hefty wins lurking around every corner. With features like free spins and wild reel surprises in this 5×3 reel grid game, your quest for a spine-tingling experience is over. Fancy uncovering the mysteries?

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Key facts

Year of release:2012
Lines (adjustable?):30 (Yes)
Bet sizes:$0.01 - $125
Wild symbol:Yes
Free spins:No
Maximum win:$12,000
Progressive jackpot:No

Betsoft Gaming, a big name in online gambling, brought us Lost Slot. They released this gem on 15 November 2012. 

Betsoft has a knack for creating games that pull you right into the action. This game stands out not just for its smooth gameplay but also because it packs an adventure theme. 

Imagine searching for treasures in ancient lands—exciting, right? Betsoft uses cutting-edge technology to make every spin on this 5×3 reel grid an adventure worth experiencing. They’re known for high volatility slots, making each win feel like striking gold. 

And let’s not forget about social media platforms buzzing whenever there’s Betsoft news or when they release promotional material.

Lost slot screenshots

Adventure slot theme

We’re all about the thrill of chasing treasures with Dr Dakota Bones and his sidekick, Farooq. Their quest? To unearth the hidden riches of pharaoh Ah-Amdad in Egypt’s sandy depths. These aren’t just any old symbols; they’re your tickets to unlocking mysteries buried under time.

Our journey through Lost Slot isn’t just a spin on reels; it’s a leap into history. And what makes it even more exciting? You can try this whole adventure in demo mode before putting down any real coins.

Lost Slot layout

So, you’ve stumbled upon the Lost Slot with its 5×3 reel grid. This setup is classic for slot machines, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just another run-of-the-mill game. With 5 reels spinning across 3 rows, this game packs a punch with its adventure theme, ready to whisk players away on an exciting journey. Each spin on these reels brings a chance to hit one of the 30 adjustable paylines, adding an extra layer of excitement as we chase after those wins.

The high volatility of this slot means payouts might not come as often as in other games, but when they do, they’re usually worth the wait! The blend of traditional gameplay mechanics and thrilling bonus features makes every session on this slot an adventure waiting to happen – all from the comfort of our browser or table game selection.

Slot RTP: Downside

With an RTP (Return to Player) sitting at 91.70%, the video slot pales in comparison with many other Betsoft games. We don’t know why the studio made the RTP so low, but this can really discourage many players from playing the game for real money.

Bet sizes in Lost Slot

If you visit Betsoft’s official site and find the reviewed video slot in the Search field, you will see its bet sizes are set in the range of $0.30 and $105 per spin (up to $3.5 per line). You might know that Betsoft – and many other studios – entitle online casinos to change min/max bets within some limits, so your selected online casino might have other limits than the ones specified above. 

Maximum winnings in Lost Slot

Let’s calculate the top cash prizes based on the default maximum bet offered by Betsoft. The top-paying icon, Adventurer, awards $1750 for five of a kind. This cash loot can be yours if you bet $105 per spin. Well, this reward is far not the best we’ve seen in other video slots.  

Bonus features in Lost slot

Oh, the bonus features in Lost Slot? They’re a real treat. Betsoft packed it with cool stuff to keep us on our toes. Imagine opening mystery chests or getting wilds that take over a whole reel. And then there’s this part where you can win more turns without paying more, just by hitting the right combo. Lastly, stepping into a mummy’s hiding place for bonuses is as spooky as it gets. Who wouldn’t want that kind of excitement in their video slot game?

Center Wild Reel feature

Staff symbolSo, we’ve got this amazing feature in the Lost Slot game that totally spices up the gameplay – it’s called the Centre Wild Reel Feature. Here’s the deal: the central reel can turn completely wild.

Think about it; one minute you’re spinning away, hoping for a decent line-up, and then boom! The centre reel lights up like a Christmas tree (or rather, like something straight out of a post-apocalyptic treasure hunt), and suddenly you’re in with a much bigger shot at nabbing some wins. When you get the Staff icon anywhere on the central reel, it expands to cover the entire reel and acts as a wild symbol. Moreover, all wins that you hit with this central wild reel will be multiplied by x2

Center Reel Respins

multipliersWe find ourselves deep in the game, eyes glued to the screen, every spin more thrilling than the last. And then, bam! The Center Reel Re-spins feature kicks in. It’s all about those middle reels.

Every time you have a winning combo anywhere, reel 3 will respin once for a chance to land another winning symbols. The reels spin again at no extra cost, and you’re on the edge of our seats because this could mean more wins for you. This is because every win after any respin increases a multiplier from 1x to 2x, 3x and 5x

Monkey Click Me bonus

Monkey Click MeSo, we’ve got this cool part in the Lost Slot game called the Monkey Click Me Feature. This kicks off when this cheeky monkey symbol show up on reel 4. It’s all about giving a quick tap or click and voila! You could be walking away with some cash prizes. We’re talking about an instant boost to your bankroll here.

This feature pops up quite often, making sure you stay glued to the action. Instead of just watching reels spin, we’re tapping away and making choices that feel like they have a bit more weight behind them.

Mommy's Tomb bonus round

Eye of Ra symbolIn the Mummy’s Tomb bonus feature, we’re all about joining the explorer to uncover treasures. It feels like stepping into a post-apocalyptic world, where every corner holds secrets from ancient times.

This pick-em game not only draws us closer to the adventure but also throws extra rewards our way. It’s as if every choice we make could lead to uncovering riches or revealing hidden traps.

Digging deeper into this feature really ramps up the excitement. It’s like being part of an elite group of treasure hunters, each decision enhancing the narrative that Betsoft has crafted so carefully. The maximum win in this bonus feature is unknown – at least, the rules do not reveal it.

Gameplay and symbols

Jumping into the gameplay of Lost Slot, every spin is an adventure. Betsoft made sure of that. Your screen fills with icons like ancient Egyptian relics and mysterious hieroglyphs, waiting for you to match them up.

Regular symbols and payouts

The video slot has 7 regular symbols, all paying out from left to right. Interestingly, all symbols – without exception – award for at least three of a kind. Here is what you can see on the playfield:

  • Shoe: x2 to x10
  • Ankh: x5 to x25
  • Dog: x10 to x50
  • Pharaoh’s accessory: x15 to x75
  • Fat man: x20 to 100
  • Mummy: x50 to x200
  • Adventurer: x80 to x500
 As you can see, the highest payout is not so high in this video slot. However, this deficiency is perfectly compensated by the bonus features explored above. They are triggered often and earn you sizeable prizes. 

Our opinion

Lost Slot has a poor RTP rate – this is its main downside. In other respects, it looks like a typical Betsoft’s game. It features a clasic 5×3 field with 30 adjustable lines, the maximum x500 payout that regular symbols produce, and a pack of bonus features: A wild reel, respins, and two second-screen bonus games. By the way, very few slots from this studio can boast two mini-games played outside the reels.