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The Glam Life slot review

We live in the 21st century, and it has never been more important to own as much as possible. It might be a bit too much of a good thing, but at the same time, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to buy things you dream about. Some people have a lot of money, so they can afford more than most guys, but perhaps not quite all the things The Glam Life shows us. This video slot from Betsoft gives us an insight into the life of the rich, with all the valuable items seen on TV every day, including private jets and watches with diamonds. Such a theme sets the adrenaline going, and you will immediately feel the desire for big money and a lavish life. Fortunately, The Glam Life can give you just that – if you’re lucky!

Key Facts

Linjat (säädettävät?):25 (Yes)
Panosten koot:$0.01 - $125
Ilmaiskierrokset:Yes (2, 3, 5)
Progressiivinen jättipotti:Joo

Video slot: General design

The Glam Life slot

The Glam Life is not the latest slot from Betsoft, but it is clear proof that the game developer was way ahead of its time when they started releasing game after game in the 2010s. The Glam Life is a beautiful, fast-paced and exciting slot machine with beautiful graphics in the best Betsoft style. Here, however, they have not used 3D graphics to the same extent as otherwise – instead, they have drawn the symbols by hand, which looks incredibly good. The details are beautifully done, and everything sparkles as you spin the reels. The area around the screen seems to take place at a gate to a manor house, and even the buttons at the bottom with stakes and the spin button itself are decorated with sparkling diamonds.

Video slot layout

The slot features a classic layout with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The user interface is sleek and intuitive, allowing players to easily navigate through the game. Betsoft has ensured a seamless gaming experience with responsive controls that make adjusting bets and paylines effortless. The layout strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication, catering to both novice and experienced players.

Reel configuration

The Glam Life, crafted by Betsoft, features a classic yet captivating reel configuration that contributes to the game’s overall appeal. With 5 reels spinning gracefully, players are treated to a visual symphony of luxury symbols. The reel design, meticulously crafted with high-quality graphics, ensures that each spin is not just a chance at winning but an immersive experience into the opulent world the game aims to portray.


The slot boasts a well-balanced structure with 25 paylines, providing ample opportunities for players to form winning combinations. The paylines are not only generous but also strategically placed, enhancing the excitement of each spin. The inclusion of multiple paylines ensures that players have various ways to connect symbols and claim their share of the glamorous rewards. This thoughtful payline arrangement adds a layer of strategy for players who seek to maximize their winning potential.

User interface

Betsoft’s commitment to user-friendly design shines through in The Glam Life’s interface. The controls are intuitively placed, allowing players to effortlessly navigate the game. Bet level adjustments, coin denominations, and the all-important spin button are conveniently positioned, ensuring that players can focus on the lavish spectacle unfolding on the reels without any distractions. The interface strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and sophistication, catering to both seasoned players and those new to the world of video slots.

Mobile friendliness

The Glam Life is, of course, also available on mobile phones and tablets, which is exactly why this jackpot game has become so popular – people are jumping on the progressive jackpot wherever they are, and the flexible design will adapt to the screen you’re using immediately. With such huge sums right at your fingertips, it is not surprising that The Glam Life is in the favourite lists of countless online casinos!

The Glam Life slot graphics

The Glam Life is a visual masterpiece that effortlessly transports players into a world of luxury and extravagance. The game’s graphics are nothing short of breathtaking, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every frame. From the sparkling diamonds to the gleaming yachts, each symbol is rendered with precision, creating a visually stunning spectacle on the reels.

The color palette is rich and vibrant, mirroring the opulence associated with the theme. Golds, purples, and blues dominate the screen, enhancing the overall sense of glamour and sophistication. The animations are fluid and captivating, breathing life into the symbols as they spin across the reels. Whether it’s the pop of a champagne cork or the subtle glimmer of a diamond ring, every visual element is designed to immerse players in the extravagant world of The Glam Life.

The user interface is equally impressive, combining elegance with functionality. The buttons and controls are seamlessly integrated into the overall design, ensuring a smooth and intuitive gaming experience. The backdrop, depicting a lavish lifestyle with mansions and private jets, serves as a constant reminder of the high-stakes glamour awaiting players with each spin.

In summary, The Glam Life’s graphics go beyond mere visuals; they are an integral part of the overall gaming experience. The level of detail, combined with the thematic coherence, sets a new standard for video slot aesthetics. For players who appreciate a feast for the eyes along with the thrill of gameplay, The Glam Life’s graphics deliver a dazzling display of opulence that is second to none.

The Glam Life slot bet sizes

At the bottom of the screen, you will find several options to choose a comfortable bet level – don’t think that you have to bet the maximum all the way to live up to the dream of the glam life because The Glam Life can reward you for normal bets too. Remember to always play with the maximum number of paylines to use the payout rate to the maximum. Instead, you should set the coin bet and the number of coins per line. The bet sizes available in this luxurious real money video slot are as follows:

  • Coin Denominations: Players can select their preferred coin denomination, ranging from $0.02 to $1.00.
  • Bet Per Line: The game allows players to adjust the bet per line, providing further control over their total stake. The options for bet per line range from 1 to 5.
  • Voittolinjat: With a fixed number of 25 paylines, players can choose to activate all lines or select a specific number according to their strategy.

Combining these elements allows for a comprehensive spectrum of bet sizes. For instance, the minimum bet per spin would be calculated by multiplying the minimum coin denomination ($0.02) by the minimum bet per line (1) and the number of paylines (25), resulting in a minimum bet of $0.50. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet per spin can be achieved by multiplying the maximum coin denomination ($1.00) by the maximum bet per line (5) and the number of paylines (25), yielding a maximum bet of $125.

This extensive range of bet sizes ensures that The Glam Life accommodates both cautious players looking for smaller stakes and high rollers seeking the thrill of substantial wagers. It exemplifies Betsoft’s commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of luxury at a bet size that suits their individual preferences.

The Glam Life slot paytable

The Glam Life will drag you straight into the life of the rich, where there are no boundaries and the whole world lies before you as if on a silver platter. Get ready to encounter all the details of the life we all dream of – limitless bank cards, bottles of champagne, precious mobile phones, diamond watches, huge diamond rings, luxury cars and luxurious boats, as well as gigantic palaces, top-shelf perfumes and private jets, with jewellery boxes that finishing touch. All the symbols have their own little animations and draw you ever deeper into the experience. Buckle up and get ready for The Glam Life!

Symbol 5 Symbols 4 Symbols 3 Symbols
Yacht 5000 (or Jackpot on the max bet) 1000 200
Mansion 2500 500 100
Private Jet 1500 300 75
Luxury Car 1000 200 50
Champagne 500 100 25
Diamond Ring 250 50 15
Gold Credit Card 200 40 10
Perfume Bottle 150 30 5

The Glam Life slot winnings

The Glam Life has a payout rate of 92.02%, according to the info from the provider itself, and you can look forward to winnings with about every second spin (the hit rate of the video slot is 50.19%). Most spins will only give you your bet back, but this also bodes well – because over time, you will probably see solid payouts rolling into your account, as long as you play The Glam Life long enough. The champagne, gold cards and mobile phone return winnings from 25 to 75x your stake, while the beautiful yacht can spit out a whopping 200x the money! On top of this comes the flexible bonus functions that help you to rake in juicy sums of money.

The Glam Life slot: Bonus features

The Glam Life comes with four different bonus features in addition to a progressive jackpot that can make you a multi-millionaire on the spot, so there is more than enough to look forward to!

  1. First, you have the deep bonus game activated by the manor – three of these will let you travel around in your private jet and attend fashionable events to raise money.
  2. Then you have the private plane itself, which will activate free spins as soon as you hit three such symbols, while three perfumes will let them choose boxes of rings and so rake in extra money immediately.
  3. Finally, you have the jewellery box, which allows you to choose between different boxes and gives you up to 1150 coins in profit!
  4. Finally, you have the progressive jackpot, which is awarded if you hit five yachts on the same payline.


If you’re looking for a fast, action-packed and exciting progressive jackpot slot with intense graphics and frequent wins, you’ve come to the right place – The Glam Life gives you everything you need. You can immediately see similarities between Mega Fortune from NetEnt and this beauty from Betsoft, but even though Mega Fortune is somewhat more popular, we have to say that we prefer The Glam Life. Not because we are fans of Betsoft, but because The Glam Life offers more features, better graphics and more frequent payouts. Try it for yourself and see why The Glam Life has got such a massive following.