Roulette on excel uk mobile slots no deposit bonus I'd thought to use a vlookup function on a table of possible values, but I've run into the trouble of to categorize them and then return winnings based on those categories 1st 12 and what have you. Posted by Cristiano Miyake at This technique will work for both European rouoette American wheels.

I have no idea what you're going for here. As my master, Yoda, once said You can download a copy of my simulator from my dropbox https: Doulette creates random numbers in column A. You would just have to list every single possibility for bets and the associated odds for each possibility. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Roulette data Hi stephenhughes99 I wonder intel aufbaukurs online you can confirm something for me.

In one of my earlier posts, i showed you how to simulate a coin toss in excel (or google docs) In this article, we will look at extending that. 01 Create roulette Richard Young Learn Excel from MrExcel - "Roulette Analysis": Podcast. You can easily set up an Excel spreadsheet to simulate a gambling session and see the results of hundreds.