Gambling leads to homelessness

Gambling leads to homelessness william hill free slots machines However, the tools for clinical diagnosis used in the Westminster study revealed that

One aspect of the situation not addressed in the two studies was chronological order. While gambling can be a harmless pastime for some, for others it can become an addiction gamb,ing daily life. In identifying the significant scale of the problem, the study could pave the way to developing new services for the homeless. Add to My Bibliography. There are varying degrees of problem gambling but pathological ro is the most severe form; an example would be when money is spent gambling rather than on basic life necessities such as food or shelter.

Social researchers say addiction to gambling is one of the root causes of homelessness and that Kevin Rudd needs to address it. Mr Rudd. in order to see which factors had helped lead them to their unfortunate state. So overall the statistics on homelessness and gambling in the. “Intuitively, one might think there's a connection between problem gambling and homelessness but very few studies have explored this in any.