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Gaiaonline faunzy Faunzy is a busy guy, he can only play one round every 24 hours. When they do, Faunzy will send a Private Message. Such as gaiaojline apparel, animal avatar based, salon and animated. Retrieved from " http: Any other uses of this image, Gaiapedia or elsewhere, may be Copyright Infringement.

Faunzy's Flute. Description: This flute has a powerful enchant that reacts to the outcome of a game played between its creator and its current owner. They say it. Heard some of you little mutants might be a bit confused about Faunzy's Flute, the first ever active item that summons YOURS TRULY for a  Fafnir's Peak RIG Info & Lists | First Page. When a player purchases a Faunzy's Flute, they can play "Rock–paper–scissors" against Faunzy to receive an item. Day 01 Listing Horns of the Dragon Queen - Horns have always served as a indicator of power and prestige to fauns throughout history. The extremely potent enchant on.