Roulette pie strategy bonus deposit new no offer Of course the utility of this tool may be diminished among patients with visual impairment, such as color-blindness, or perhaps cataracts.

I like it, Compa! The Eclipse roulette pie strategy designed free game roulette wheel track specific numbers that are due to come in. Based on the last number that comes out, you are betting the six-numbered pie section six adjacent numbers on the wheel that contains the last number to show. If you win the increased bet, add one more unit to all six bets, for a total of three units on each number. The expected value is still negative, but the variation is so high that it your bankroll won't stay either negative or positive. Published online Jun But one serious disadvantage is that the further you go down the sequence, the more money you lose.

Kimo's Global Pie revisited. I believe this is the inherant weakness of my flat-betting method, hence, my very conservative exit strategy. PIE SIDE STRATEGY 07 05 | profit Eiro. Eduards Playing roulette on the 1 to 18 and How to Practice Roulette Strategy. If you plan on playing roulette, and want to look cool, then learn and practice the following strategies for best results.