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November 6, 2: Access Factsheets, Deposiy, Distributions and more… Learn more. From the prospectus which is on the RBC site: Please consider registering guest. Investors should read the applicable Prospectus Supplement for an issue of Notes carefully before investing and should discuss the suitability of an investment in the Notes with their investment advisor before making an investment decision. Everyone is starved for income and yield and this is just another ploy to make something look much more attractive than really exists.

(RBC) are senior deposit notes of the bank which rank equally with. RBC GICs and other senior particular term or shape of the yield curve. This customization. RBC Fixed Income Notes are designed for Investors who are looking for an Extendible Zero Coupon Notes; Structured Floating Rate Notes; Yield Curve Notes. Issue Date, Nov Maturity, Nov Term, 10 years. Currency, CAD. Coupon Frequency, Semi Annual. Coupon. % p.a. x n/N, where. "n" is the.