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Same goes for the sports pools etc. Don't let other people around you get you down. I hated myself when I had to confront what I had done but when you move out of the world of gambling, the fog does start to lift. I think that's what made me relapse too. I hope you wont be as stubborn as me and live for years thinking that you'll one day win everything online gambling offers. I want a life without gambling, most be don't gamble.

A loss resulting from games of chance or wagers on events with uncertain outcomes (gambling). These losses can only be claimed against gambling income. For example, let's say John Doe goes on a bender in Las Vegas and wins $12, the first night but loses $10, at the craps table in the Bellagio the next. People always talk about their biggest jackpot or win. whats your biggest loss,go ahead i dare you. By the way my biggest single loss and this is not the norm so.