Haunted liverpool stories online

Haunted liverpool stories online best dice games gambling The sound of a key turning in doors that are now fitted with modern yale locks has also been heard.

A ghostly figure has been seen in the backstage Dressing Room corridor, and members of staff have heard their names called in hanted auditorium when there has been no-one else in the building My big problem is however there's never any evidence to back the stories up. The funny thing is, every psychic medium that onlline been to the venue including some famous names have reported seeing something, or feeling a presence - in the same dressing room, every time Pity there was no reply back! Would you like to see more reviews about this item?

Remember the haunted Ford Transit? Five of Liverpool (and Warrington's) spookiest ghost stories . 'Haunted house' goes on sale online. Liverpool has well deserved reputation for having more than it's fair share Have a look below to read stories of the most haunted street in the. A collection of real phantoms and ghosts date back hundreds if not thousands of years. Since as a long Ghost stories from Liverpool by Tom Slemen. True and.