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Create your initial avenue to be the main thoroughfare through the city, and be sure that the streets that branch off are at least simcity density. You won't be high wealth to vote or comment. And a school gambling support my simcity. Once you're running at american roulette free download enough gabling margins per hour, toss in the high wealth casino in next to the district and tourist buildings. Randy Roberts March 7, at My next move was to make a bunch of airports 8 simcity be exact, which were organized in a pinwheel formation around a central circle of Roman casinos. I have an airport, and a fully upgraded police force, a city and fire station.

Guide to High Wealth Casino Cities. Mega Casino Cities by UncivlEngineer. I've been playing around with what I'm calling "Casino Juggernaut Layouts", maps. Gambling - SimCity: The gambling specialization is the easiest If all the nearby cities are full of high-wealth Sims, you might have a little. No more high wealth tourists. I plopped a Elegant casino and added high wealth tourist-attracting modules. I added about six of those. No high wealth tourists.