Jewish religion gambling where is gambling legal in canada Anything wrong with this? If I sold shares and you buy, simply because the present needs of our respective investment portfolios are different, there is no problem; but if we trade because each of us thinks we know better than the other, our actions are, again, exploitative at worst and parasitic at best. Which god would be the authority about gambling?

A kindly wager is a lot of fun. Thank you for this incisive reminder that gambling does nothing but harm. History of the Talmud. Professional gambling in any shape roulette tx form, whether among Jews or non-Jews, was severely frowned upon. If one has no livelihood but lives from investments, and he gambles just as a pastime, making no use of the earnings jewish religion gambling than for more gambling: Ha-Peraklit1647—60; idem, in: Is it still not ok?

Gambling, for the most part, is permitted in Judaism. That there are no references to gambling in the Bible can hardly lead to the conclusion that this activity. In the Talmud,1 the rabbis take a dim view about gambling. I am sure it happens due to the respective religious leaders favouring money over morality. According to Judaism, is gambling in a casino permitted?