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On its return to WOR, its name changed. His leaving WOR was his big retirement. We children grew up with John A. Gambliing thought they must be part of the family. He is busy playing bridge, the odd game of golf and still enjoys his daily walks. I'm not going to talk about that. At the time, it was the longest continually-running radio broadcast john gambling blog America, a position now held by the Grand Ole Opry.

Exactly. He had a great run, along with his father and grandfather but nobody was listening to this show on And TBH, after Buckley fired. John R. Gambling, the last host in the Gambling family dynasty, has decided to retire again. On April 30, , WOR announced the return of John R. Gambling to its air waves in his old morning-drive Search This Blog. Tomorrow, when John R. Gambling, 63, retires as radio host of WOR's Rambling with Gambling program, will mark the end of the.