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And at this moment I think that there are no tricks at roulette…. There are sites that rig the computer system against you. To consistently win huge sums of money, you must keep in mind that you are not competing tisp the casino. Roulette Tip 4 This is important. Improving Gambling chess Odds at Roulette. Top Online Roulette Casinos.

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games around, dating back hundreds of years. The American Roulette wheel has an extra slot, 00, which slightly decreases . Tips. There is a house advantage of % on American roulette wheels. The secrets behind what makes roulette wheel spins predictable. How recognize when a wheel can be beaten, and what casinos don't want you to know. Pro tip: set yourself limits based on how much you would like to win. In real casinos, the roulette wheel is three feet across; online its size depends on the.